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Brain Power and Solutions

To provide solutions for your business, there's are a huge array of techniques to unlock your brain power to deliver new and powerful solutions for your business.  We can help you apply some of these techniques.


Techniques can include the following:

- discussions with us and documenting some of your thoughts and ideas 

- using problem-solving frameworks (we have a wide variety of frameworks we can try)

- practicing extreme thinking techniques (e.g. see

creating a new or improved business plan for your business to help you see your business in a new way

reviewing and developing your website

Solving Challenges from a new angle

Discussing your challenges and possible solutions often helps you see your situation from a new angle and often unlocks the solutions.


In addition, there are new ideas we can contribute from our wealth of commercial experience.


Other ways to view a challenge from a new angle include: -


- Writing down the challenge and potential solutions

- Representing your challenge and potential solutions in picture format

- Constructing your challenge and potential solutions in a model format


- Discussing your challenges with your business mentors, friends and family

- Taking a break from your intense focus on your immediate goals, to give you a fresh insight once you've had a change of scene


The benefits for unlocking decision making brain power in your team include: 

- increased clarity for business leaders for their effective decision making

- a clearer insight into the bigger picture view and moving away from a narrow focus.  Divergent thinking rather than convergent thinking.  Lateral thinking rather than linear thinking.

- multiple solutions to meet challenges.


- increased ability to deal with time pressure and daily stresses, to give improved consistent performance.

For more information on techniques to help you solve your challenges, please contact us.

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