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Huge Opportunities

The rapidly expanding array of affordable server based and cloud based operating systems and applications offer huge opportunities for nimble businesses to implement systems and functionality to transform your customer service and the operation of your business and your competitive advantage.

Systems for customer engagement


Perhaps the most valuable system enhancements are those that increase customer engagement and provide your customers with a more memorable and rewarding customer service experience.


The growing importance of cloud based systems


We've reached a tipping point where cloud applications offer similar or improved speed and functionality compared to server based systems, and often easier to operate and manage and at a far more agreeable price point.  Now is a fantastic time to consider moving some or all of your systems into the cloud.


Across all industries competitors are rapibly adopting cloud technology solutions to run their businesses quicker and more efficiently and improving their ability to innovate and compete. 

Expert Advice and Guidance

To help you decide which systems to choose from the huge variety of excellent and affordable systems available, we provide clear advice.  We've analysed and used many applications, with a focus on reliable professional systems, and we help you make fully informed decisions.

If you have quick, efficient systems in place that are working well, we help you to make the best use of these systems with improvements where beneficial.

You may want to consider improvements and options to improve speed and efficiency.  

Choosing the right system with expertly managed testing, validation and implementation is essential to ensure you invest time and resources in a worthwhile system that will deliver benefits to your business. 

Choosing the best systems, and data security


We help you choose and manage your systems including your accounting and financial reporting systems and framework, key information needs, customer service, website and digital engagement, and your data security and storage and back up.

Efficient systems can including automation of bank transactions, quickly handling your VAT, payroll and other taxes, human resources, sales management, purchasing, managing your equipment, your inventory ordering and control, management information including key performance indicators and key business metrics, forecasting, targets and budgets, your business governance requirements, email handling and storage, your other business data requirements.

Clearly there's a huge choice of high quality cloud based applications available at low or no cost, often with quick user-friendly implementation and the ability to trial free of charge.


This should be considered in the light of the training you've invested you've made in your current operating systems.  In some cases aspects of your systems will be better than the cloud based alternative, simply because your are already using these systems succesfully.  Sometimes a combined solution works best making the best used of cloud and server based systems.  Often its preferable to start with quick wins with improvements that will deliver the greatest benefits for the least amount change.

We help you demystify the overwhelming choice of cloud applications through our tried and tested methodologies to appraise the reliability and ongoing suitability of cloud service providers and cloud applications.  


We help you ensure your decisions are part of your well co-ordinated plan for your long term success.

Systems efficiency and synchronisation 


The efficiency of your business systems can be enhanced with affordable platforms and solutions to synchronise your data, with helpful dashboards and navigations tools to provide you with the insights you need.

For example we've worked with Maestrano in order to achieve affordable synchronisation and dash board reporting by connecting your business applications together in one platform.  


Open Source


A significant number of cloud applications are open source, or open API (Application Programming Interface), meaning other software providers can develop add on applications to readily interface with cloud applications.


This has opened up a huge number of useful  bespoke add on applicaitons to carry out additional functions to compliment your systems, for example customer sales processing, customer relationship mangement, staff time monitoring, staff location tracking, human resources management, inventory management, purchase ordering management, project management, plant and equipment tracking, investment management, debtor chasing, sales and marketing campaigns and other activities for the smooth and efficient running of your operations.  



For an initial chat about your systems or for more information please contact us below.

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