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There's a wide choice of affordable cloud accounting solutions for your business.  We help you choose  accounting and operating solutions best suited to your requirements. By moving your systems into the cloud you gain access to a wide variety of helpful add ons to provide new possibilities and additional functionality that can work seamlessly with your accounting system.  You also create the possibility for you and your team to operate from many locations and on multiple devices.

The Cloud Eco System

There is an overwhelming choice of apps in the cloud to cover all your business functions.  This is great news for small and medium sized businesses. We're now in an age of opportunity where agile, nimble and adaptable small businesses can compete effectively with larger rivals.  A huge amount of ready made technology and functionality is available quickly and conveniently at a low cost, typically on a pay per user model. Prices start around $10 per user per month, or in some cases free. (also see Fremium and Try Before You Buy below).  


We demystify the cloud for you, by analysing your requirements for your particular business needs and helping you choose from a carefully selected suite of applications to best meet your needs.

Fast, Scalable, User Friendly and Cost Effective

By choosing the right cloud service providers, cloud technology is quick, scalable, user-friendly and will boost your business performance.  This helps your business to be fast, perceptive, adaptable and innovative; key characteristics for your success.

A well chosen suite of apps are horizontally scalable (allowing you to add as many users as you need and operate at higher volumes of data) and vertically scalable (allowing you to scale up [or scale down] your functionality according to your needs).

This facilitates your business running smoothly and efficiently.

Fremium and Try Before You Buy

Many cloud service providers offer a fremium model, where you can enjoy full functionality of a cloud application for free for a limited number of users for a period of time, or use a partially functioning version, on the basis when you're ready to use the full potential of the app you may be happy to upgrade to a paid version. 

Cloud service providers will typically allow you a free trial for 15 or 30 days, giving you the opportunity to try their online software and applications before you decide whether to buy.


Synchronisation and Dash Board Reporting

In addition we help you ensure your applications work well together and integrate and synchronise as required.  We can also provide user-friendly reporting dashboards to quickly show your real-time business performance and your key information.

For an initial chat, or for more information on leveraging the cloud for your success, please contact us.

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