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The Lean Startup

 The Lean Startup, authored by Dr Eric Ries, 2011, is recognised by many entrepreneurs and business owners as having a major positive influence on modern business thinking, particularly for successful innovation.


Dynamic organisations, including Intuit, have adopted the Lean Startup principles to great effect in revitalising their business, developing and delivering market leading products and continuing to innovate to delight customers.

The Lean Startup principles provide a scientific and commercial methodology, creating a great foundation for developing new and existing ideas and concepts.  

We can help you adopt the Lean Startup principles to benefit your business in many ways, including: 

1  Monitoring the success of a Minimum Viable Product or Service.  This is an excellent tool to help you gauge customer appeal and demand, and can act as a fantastic conduit to succesfully test and develop new and existing services and products.

2  Seeking customer feedback as often as possible to help ensure new ideas or systems work well, and appeal to customers. You can avoid going too far down any particular path of unproductive time and expenditure by validating product and service features as you go along.  Through mini experiments and feedback you can efficiently and quickly gain validation that your new ideas, services or product features are going to meet customer needs.  

3 Identifying those features of a new product or service that are absolutely key to your customers, and on the other hand avoiding potentially huge amounts of time and money that can be spent on features that make little difference to the appeal of your product or services.  The overall investment of time, money and energy can be managed, focused and prioritised by identifying and validating the essential product and service features as you go along.

4 Early adopters are your friends.  They are often delighted to be the first to try your new products and services including the first iteration of your product or service, initial faults and all, before its fully developed, and can start spreading the word about your new innovations.  Early adopters are also often willing to try new and improved iterations of your product as your development life cycle advances. 

5 A framework of innovation accounting for your new services and products provides a far stronger and more informed view of your progress and success rather than purely focusing on the more traditional financial measurements of achievement.

To find out more about how the Lean Startup principles can revitalise your business and to help you innovate successfully, please contact us.

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