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FD/CFO Services Package

We've developed our FD/CFO Services Package to oversee your finance functions and implement strategies to boost the value of your business.

We provide a Finance Director (or Chief Financial Officer) for the number of days that suits your developing needs to fulfil essential functions, including ensuring your business has sufficient cash and remains on track to grow and develop in accordance with your vision.


We build on the strengths of your existing finance team and address the urgency of your requirements.


By combining these services as a package there are savings, as the services complement and overlap each other.


Our full CFO Services Package includes the following


1 Monthly Management Reporting and Meetings

2 Board Meetings

3 Compliance

4 Finance Team

5 Forecasts, Cash Flow and Analysis

6 Strategic Business Plan

7 Projects

Alternatively, you can design your own FD/CFO Services Package by choosing the items that are of most value to you.


1 Monthly Management Reporting and Meetings


We prepare for and attend your management meetings to provide clear explanations and analysis of your monthly business performance results in a user-friendly and informative format.

We also provide forecasts of your forthcoming performance, helping to monitor cash flow, spending against budget and performance compared to target.


We help you explore ideas to enhance your performance and profitability, including elevating customer services and products, growing your customer base, negotiating with your service providers, developing your finance team, reviewing your staff overheads, improving your systems and streamlining your operations.

We help you remain lean, fast, perceptive, adaptable and innovative.

2 Board Meetings


We prepare for and attend your board meetings, preparing your financial reports and information and forecasts, and explaining these to you with insightful analysis and identifying opportunities to boost performance.  


3 Compliance


We oversee compliance with all your accounting and tax obligations and act as your tax agent, including handling your year-end financial and tax reporting, handling external auditors, reviewing and submitting your BAS/IAS returns and any other tax and related returns such as FBT and Payroll Tax. 

4 Finance Team

We provide all the mentoring, help and support your finance team needs to carry out their role so your finance function meets your legal obligations, satisfies your information needs and helps you achieve your vision for your business.  We provide feedback, education and support to your team to help with motivation and continuous improvement.

5 Forecasts, Cash Flow and Analysis

We provide detailed forecasts of your business performance and cash flow over the next 3 to 5 years and analysis to identify opportunities to boost your performance.


In particular we monitor your anticipated cash flows and plan for adequate cash to finance your planned activities.

We anlayse your results and forecasts and show where key variables such as sales levels, sales mix, margins, borrowing and other costs can be managed to help improve your performance.

6 Strategic Business Planning 

By working well together with in-depth industry knowledge we help you plan strategically for the development of your business. 

We draw up your strategic business plan with your management team and your Board, updating your forward-looking plan to reflect your changing environment and your latest thinking.

7 Projects

As part of a well-co-ordinated plan we attend to projects as identified in your business plan.  Projects may be rolled out one at a time or in conjunction with other projects, depending on their urgency and inter-relationship.

Examples of projects include improving your customer systems for greater customer engagement, the development of new processes and the streamlining of current operating procedures, the upgrading or implementation of new financial and operating systems, the sale of a non-core business unit, the strategic acquisition of a competitor or complementary business, the outsourcing of certain business functions, etc. 

For your convenience and value we can provide our CFO Services Package at hourly rates, or at a fixed monthly fee, tailored to meet your needs.  You can gain essential expertise at a fraction of the normal cost of employing a part-time or full-time Finance Director or Chief Financial Officer.

You can also tailor any of our services packages to meet your needs by adding to, or taking away, aspects of the service offering.

You can see our full range of service packages here.

For more information please use the "contact us" box below:

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