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Business Refresher Package

Take a fresh look at your business and generate powerful new ideas

Our business refresher package is typically a one to six month program, as part of a well co-ordinated plan for the success of your business.

We include the following in our business refresher package:


1 Clarity for Your Aspirations

2 Clear Business Plan

3 Health Check

4 Your Five Year View 

In more detail:

1 Clarity for Your Aspirations


Gain massive forward momentum through brainstorming the core strengths and values of your business with the input of your key team members to gain clarity on your aspirations, and where you want to take your business.    


2 Clear Business Plan


Highlight huge opportunities with a user-friendly 2-page executive summary business plan and a more detailed business plan.

3 Health Check

We report to you with a helpful summary of the health of your business across each of your areas for success, identifying those areas where you are strong and those areas where you can bring improvements to grow and develop the strength of your business.

4 Your Five Year View


Realise your possibilities and gain huge energy and enthusiasm with the clarity of vision and direction provided by 5 year forecasts of your profitability, cash flow and financial position.  This will give you confidence, showing how your busines can achieve cash flow and performance.

We work with you, analyse your requirements and provide a business refresher package, helping to add a tremendous amount of value and positivity to your business.

For an initial chat or for more information on our Business Refresher Package please contact us below.

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