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Business Plan


We help you take a fresh look at your business and your vision for the future.


We assist with a clear and understandable business plan with a focus on your strengths and opportunities, setting out your goals, strategies and practical action points.

Health Check

We provide a health check where we identify the success factors you have in place and the additional success factors that can be developed so you can build on your strengths and achieve your long term vision. 


Forecasting your Future Performance


We provide forecasts of your profitability, cash flow and your financial position under different scenarios to help you focus your efforts.


Insightful Analysis


We help you boost your profitability and cash flow with insightful analysis including your most profitable customers, staff, products, business sectors and locations, the value you receive from your expenditure, the efficiency of your operations and your opportunities for growth.


Streamlining and Efficiency


We establish routines to make your monthly and quarterly management accounting and year end reporting procedures as streamlined as possible.



Value Adding Strategies


We develop a number of strategies to help you increase the valuation of your business.




We believe Innovation is essential in any successful business.  Flourishing businesses constantly review and improve the way they operate and provide an excellent customer service experience.


Innovation can take the form of incremental and manageable improvements in your business processes and systems to improve your efficency and performance,  Well managed innovation can ultimately lead to large scale transformation.


Truly successful businesses exceed customer expectations, remain competitive and build a loyal and enthusiastic customer following.


With well managed innovation you can transform your business.


Business Advisory Services


Clarity of Direction 

for your Business

Read more about innovation

Your Systems


We help you make the best use of your systems.


Ideally your systems deliver the information you need to control and manage your business, measure your performance, and facilitate important business decisions.  


To help boost your performance we can help you leverage your systems, and where there's a good business case we help you upgrade and choose new applications.


We help ensure your systems deliver the results you need in a user friendly way.

Cloud Computing


We expertly guide through the pros and cons of using cloud service providers for your accounting and operating systems. We provide well informed advice on how cloud systems could benefit your business and how these can work best with your current systems.  


We help you assess the right cloud services for your business and can help you manage a smooth and efficient transition to cloud based systems to suit your requirements.


Read more about leveraging the cloud

Management Information


We help you receive the information you need in an understandable and helpful format on a regular basis to manage and monitor your business performance. This can include weekly highlight reports with more detailed monthly and quarterly management information, commentary, analysis and explanations.


Business Strategy


We help you identify and develop existing and new strategies that are working well, and eliminate those that are not.

Cash Flow


We implement cash flow improvement and management strategies.


Sales Analysis


We analyse your profitable customers and product lines.


Sensitivity Analysis


We identify how robust your business is and identify key profit drivers.


Key Ratio Analysis


We monitor the financial strength of your business (including cash flow, profitability, return on capital employed, debt gearing etc.) providing you with feedback on how stable your business finances are and how valuable investors might perceive your business to be.  We identify areas where your business can be strengthened to improve your chances of long term success, and to underpin the value of your business.

Break-even Analysis


We provide your sales targets, gross profit and expense levels required to meet your minimum required profit, or “break-even” point.




We compare your key business variables with industry benchmarks and your competitors, to identify potential efficiency savings and opportunities to outperform your rivals.


Value your Business


We can provide a realistic valuation of your business with helpful analysis, identifying ways to increase your value.




We work with private investors, venture capitalists, private equity and other institutions (banks, and investment funds etc.) to provide finance for your business.




We help you plan for the successful transition of your business to the next generation of management and ownership.


Business Sale


We help you successfully manage the sale of one of your operating divisions, or the sale of a part ownership interest in your business.


We also help you plan and achieve successful outcomes when you wish to sell a majority ownership interest in your business by managing the preparation and sale process, and using strategies to minimise tax costs and maximise the sale value.


Stock Market Listing


We provide guidance, management and assistance for obtaining a listing on the London or other stock exchange and making an Initial Public Offering and subsequent public share placements.

Capital Raising


We help you introduce new shareholders into your business, and advise on your decision whether to sell some of your existing shares, or issue new shares.


We help you apply for bank loan finance, or other finance, together with preparing the supporting information, and demonstrating how the additional finance impacts on your cash flows and business performance.


Overseas operations


We help you establish an overseas branch and provide informed guidance on how to structure these operations.


For overseas operations and transactions we handle your international tax obligations, and advise on transfer pricing matters and VAT and duties applying to imports and exports.


Growth Through Acquisition


As part of your growth strategy you may consider buying part or the whole of another business.


We can advise and assist you through the entire process of identifying a suitable business, putting in place strategies to retain the value during and after the acquisition, preparing for and making an offer, and successfully combining with your new business.

We help you evaluate how this could benefit your business and complement your vision, and whether you're sufficiently prepared and ready to bring in another business.

We help you analyse and understand the business you want to invest in, determine whether the business is a good cultural and strategic fit, and evaluating a sensible price.  We can help you conduct sufficient due diligence to protect the value of your investment, plan for a smooth transition and help you manage the follow on actions to integrate a new business into your existing business.

Commercial Property


We can advise you on buying a commercial property through your business, or through a separate entity, providing guidance on the commercial considerations and the legal and tax implications.


Staff Performance Strategies


We can implement strategies to improve staff performance and manage incentives, including profit related pay, and the use tax effective remuneration arrangements.


We're Here to Help


Whatever your stage of development we're here to help with a series of incremental improvements to drive your business forward as part of a

well coordinated plan.



Delivering clarity and value for you and your business.


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